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  • City of Highland, Illinois
Eco-Friendly Traits

Oates Associates worked with the City of Highland to develop a planning document to assist the City in addressing ADA compliance of buildings, facilities and sidewalks and prioritizing improvements.

The process began by conducting field visits and reviewing existing information, including planning documents, GIS information, future city improvement plans affecting the facilities, and ordinances and permit requirements. A summary of findings along with recommendations for changes to the City documents related to accessibility were provided.

Meetings with key groups and online surveys aided in identifying issues that affect accessibility throughout Highland. Evaluation criteria, which were used to categorize characteristics of the sidewalk, focused on two main characteristics: the physical condition of the sidewalk and compliance with ADA requirements.

A form guided field personnel through the data collection process, ensuring complete and consistent information was collected at each location. The form includes the collection of data on sidewalk and curb ramp widths, cross-slopes, longitudinal slopes, physical condition, obstructions, and other characteristics for comparison to ADA requirements and specifications. The criteria were used to grade the severity of the defects and categorize the sidewalk segments observed.

The ultimate goal is to create an administrative policy to address non-compliant sidewalk segments and facilities, develop a plan to outline deficiencies, and produce a corrective action program for city-wide improvements.

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