In 1991, the City of Alton completed a Master Plan to redevelop the Alton Riverfront. Since the completion of the Master Plan, several attractions have been developed along the Riverfront, including the Alton Marina, the Boat Launch and a new amphitheatre. Previously, pedestrians could not safely access the Riverfront area as pedestrian access to the Riverfront from downtown was limited by four lanes of traffic and three sets of railroad tracks. Furthermore, it was determined that access to the Riverfront would become a greater issue as future development would limit space for parking, which would require the public to park in other areas and walk to the Riverfront District.

To provide improved access to the City’s expanding Marina / Riverfront District, the City of Alton constructed a new pedestrian bridge and walkway that connects downtown Alton to the Alton Riverfront. The walkway includes a 320’ long, 3-span steel truss bridge over US Route 67, Northfolk Southern Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad.

Oates Associates provided structural engineering services for the new pedestrian bridge and associated concrete retaining walls. Phase II engineering services were required for the preparation of contract plans, special provisions and estimates (PS&E).

Project Stats

Alton Pedestrian Bridge
Alton, Illinois
Construction Cost: $2,450,000
Completion Date: 2010
Client: Sheppard, Morgan & Schwaab, Inc