Oates Associates provided architectural and engineering services for three park improvements projects in the City of St. Louis.

The Marquette Park Field House project includes a complete interior and exterior renovation.  The interior space was redesigned to include a concession area, a multi-purpose room, ADA compliant restrooms, an elevator and support spaces.  The exterior improvements include new vandal resistant doors and windows, new roofing, gutters and downspouts, new historic paint scheme and various other repairs.  Improvements at Turner Park Comfort Station include interior renovations as well as making the comfort station ADA accessible.

Improvements at Bellerive Park included removal of the road and inlets, installation of new curbing, drainage, landscaping and ADA access to the playground. The removal of the existing access road from the bridge across Broadway to the cul-de-sac was replaced with a turf swale with a bioretention feature. The bioretention feature consists of layers of pre-mixed soil, sand, and gravel with an underdrain at the bottom of the feature. An existing inlet was modified to handle any overflow from the swale and outlet through an existing storm pipe. The pipe previously drained into a ditch adjacent to the railroad tracks.  The project was reviewed and approved by MSD.  The bioretention basin was designed using MSD best management practices for stormwater runoff collection and ground water infiltration/recharging.

Project Stats

Park Improvements
St. Louis, Missouri
Client: City of St. Louis Board of Public Service