Edwardsville officials have embarked on a project to bring a multifaceted recreational complex to the area.  The facility addresses the need for recreational and health fitness amenities available under one roof, including an ice rink.

The proposed Metro Ice and Track Complex is a 40,000 square foot, two-story facility featuring an indoor ice rink.  With many ice hockey and figure skating clubs in the community, the rink provides an opportunity for play and practice for residents and area athletes.  The building also includes an elevated 4-lane indoor track, fitness center, and support spaces.  The complex, which is designed to accommodate future additions, includes a 185 vehicle parking lot, an entrance road and a trail connection.

Our team met with the stakeholder committee to prepare conceptual site and building plans and to assist in preparing a grant application.

Project Stats

Metro Ice + Track Complex
Edwardsville, Illinois
Construction Cost: $8,000,000
Completion Date: N/A
Client: City of Edwardsville