In order to relieve congestion on the existing roadway system and provide an adequate arterial route for future growth, the City is constructing a suburban peripheral route. The improvement of Iberg Road is one of the phases associated with this master plan.  The project involves constructing 6,100 feet of new road on new alignment, extending Iberg Road from Michael Road, north and west to US Route 40, and widening US Route 40 and Troxler Avenue to accommodate turn lanes.

Improvements consist of a new concrete street with curb and gutter, culverts, storm sewer, a fully-actuated traffic signal system at US Route 40, and a 235 foot long two span bridge that will carry Iberg Road over the CSXT Railroad. Pedestrian facilities including bike lanes and a shared-use path are also being constructed in compliance with the “Complete Streets” state law.  A 3.3 acre retention pond including a 0.5 acre wetland were designed to mitigate the increased runoff from the additional impervious areas.

Our services included topographic and right of way survey; roadway, bridge, drainage, intersection, traffic signal and right of way design; plans, specifications and estimates; erosion control plans; and construction staking and administration.

Project Stats

Iberg Road
Highland, Illinois
Construction Cost: $6,570,000
Completion Date: June 2015
Client: City of Highland, Illinois