In order to help demonstrate the benefits of a pedestrian underpass to a public concerned with security, Oates staff produced renderings and an animated “fly-through” of the project. The Edwardsville School District held a series of public meetings to educate the public about the project. Previous concerns by the public about a tunnel being dark and unsafe prompted the District to ask us to help the public visualize what this would look like. Renderings similar to this were on display for the meetings, and an animated fly-through was presented.

The pedestrian underpass is a 12’ wide x 8’ high concrete structure with a 10’ wide concrete sidewalk extending through the structure. Lighting, video surveillance cameras and an emergency call box provide safety and security. This improvement provides the ultimate in safety for student pedestrians by eliminating the possibility of vehicle/pedestrian conflicts.

Project Stats

Edwardsville High School Pedestrian Underpass
Edwardsville, Illinois
Construction Cost: $480,000
Completion Date: 2006
Client: Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7