As part of a plan to construct an interconnected system of bike trails throughout Madison County, a 23-mile long bike trail was constructed. The trail follows the Mississippi River levee from the Melvin Price Support Center in Granite City to the Clark Bridge in Alton, Illinois. The project, funded with federal transportation enhancement funds, features connections with other local bike trails, bus transfer points, connections to the MetroLink light rail transit system and park and ride lots for car and van-poolers.

A project development report, subject to the same format and review criteria as a federally funded roadway project, was prepared for this project. This report included Type, Size and Location (TS&L) drawings for the bridge structures on the route.

Significant structural features included a 900 foot long, 6-span truss bridge crossing the Wood River at its confluence with the Mississippi River. Significant coordination with the Corps of Engineers was required for construction of bridges on the river levee.

Project Stats

Confluence Trail Bikeway
Madison County, Illinois
Construction Cost: $4,000,000
Completion Date: 2001
Client: Madison County Transit District