Oates Associates provided Phase I and II engineering services for the replacement of dual structures carrying IL 13 over the Big Muddy River.  The structure carrying eastbound traffic over Big Muddy River was constructed in 1954, while the structure carrying westbound traffic over the river was constructed 20 years later.  Various repairs were completed for both structures over the years, but it was ultimately determined to replace both structures due to their poor condition.

Our services included preparation of a hydraulic report, Bridge Condition Reports, TS&L’s and final plans.  The existing 3-span bridges will be replaced with two new 5-span structures, consisting of a concrete deck on horizontally curved steel plate girders.  The existing pavement surface will be milled and resurfaced and a sidewalk will be included on the westbound structure.  A temporary crossover will be utilized to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction during construction.  This project is currently under construction.

Project Stats

IL 13 over Big Muddy River Bridge Replacement
Jackson County, Illinois
Construction Cost: $10,800,000
Completion Date: 2013
Client: Illinois Department of Transportation