In order to improve traffic flow conditions on a busy urban arterial route, the City of Collinsville selected Oates Associates to design improvements at the intersection of Beltline Road and Keebler Avenue.  Currently, there are no dedicated right-turn lanes at this intersection, which cause through-traffic to block right-turn traffic.  This condition essentially prohibits right-turn-on-red movements, resulting in unreasonable delays and long traffic queues.

Beltline Road is a five lane roadway consisting of four through-traffic lanes and a center left-turn lane.  Keebler Avenue is a two lane urban roadway.  Proposed improvements consist of widening Beltline Road and Keebler Avenue to add right turn lanes on all four approaches and upgrading the existing signalized traffic control with a new traffic signal system.  New concrete curb and gutter will be included along with modifications to the existing storm sewer system.  Sidewalks and pedestrian signals are proposed to improve pedestrian accommodations at the intersection.

The City of Collinsville received funding for this project through the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program.

Project Stats

Beltline / Keebler Intersection
Collinsville, Illinois
Construction Cost: $700,000
Completion Date: 2015
Client: City of Collinsville, Illinois