Specific planning related services for Oates Associates include comprehensive planning, land use planning, transportation planning, recreational planning, and infrastructure planning. Our experience in the transportation planning sector includes traffic planning, traffic studies including intersection design studies, and traffic signal design. Three members of our staff are certified as Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) and have been involved in intersection design studies for a number of roadway improvements (including roundabout intersections), development related studies and growth planning studies for municipalities.

Site planning services have been provided for a number of the major public and private building projects in the region. We have completed projects for 1 acre sites and projects for 1,500 acres.

Recreational planning projects are a significant part of our practice as well. We have provided planning and site design services for roads, parking, playgrounds, campgrounds and trails throughout the region. In addition, we have designed over 50 miles of bike trails and greenways in Illinois and Missouri.

Experience Areas